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24 كورس مدفوع من يوديمي مجانا ولفترة محدودة

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته..
فرصة من ذهب ولا تعوض .. أكثروا الشير والنسخ
24 كورس مدفوع من يوديمي مجانا ولفترة محدودة ..
اشتركو فى الكورسات الان حتي لو مامحتاجين ليهم الان وحيكون مجاني فى حسابك للابد ترجع ليهو في اي وقت ..
العروض بتنتهي فى اي وقت ..
ومنشنو لكل البتعرفوهم ..
The Ultimate Web Developer How To Guide 200$=>>0$
19.5 Hours
• Complete web developer Guide to websites working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Bootstrap, JQuery, MySQL and more
Hibernate Fundamentals: Hands-On Primer With Java EE & JPA 195$=>>0$
3 Hrs
Learn How to Code Using C#: The Basics of Programming 20$=>>0$
4 Hrs
Unity: Particles from beginner to advanced! 195$=>>0$
Learn and Understand C++ 195$=>>0$
14 Hrs
• Take this course to learn C++ which you can use for ethical hacking, game development, and most software you use daily!
Build a Successful Ecommerce Wordpress site with proper SEO 200$=>>0$
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• Learn how to create and design a beautiful and professional ecommerce website with proper Ecommerce SEO using wordpress
Live Stream Masterclass- Facebook Live & YouTube Live 2017 200$=>>0$
Learn to Program in Javascript: Beginner to Pro 0$
4.5 Hrs
Content Creation Mastermind - Knowledge is a Business! 200$=>>0$
3.5 Hrs
Fundamentals of Java with NetBeans 20$=>>0$…
A comprehensive Java for beginners course (Prelaunched) 0$
4.5 Hrs
How to Build Your Own Website 200$=>>0$…
Best Software QA Testing Training by H2K Infosys 0$
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• QA Software Testing Training Course, Live Project, Quality Center(ALM), JIRA, SQL, UNIX, Resume prep,Interview questions…/
30 Day Challenge: Step by Step Online Business Success 130$=>>0$
4.5 Hrs…/…
Data Analysis with Pandas and Python 60$=>>0$
19 Hrs
• Analyze data quickly and easily with Python's powerful pandas library! All datasets included --- beginners welcome!…
Photoshop Effects - Create Stunning Photo Effects 200$=>>0$…
The Complete Wireshark Course: Go from Beginner to Advanced! 195$=>>0$
6.5 Hrs
• Learn to use Wireshark as a networking professional including troubleshooting, analysis, and protocol development!
Getting Started with 3D Printing 50$=>>0$…
Complete Bootstrap 4 course - build 3 projects 0$
5 Hrs
Snapchat Marketing: Attract New Customers & Grow Your Brand! 20$=>>0$
SUCCESS: 9 Steps to Elite Performance 20$=>>0$
The Complete Python 3 Course: Go from Beginner to Advanced! 195$=>>0$
8 Hrs
• Complete Guide to learning how to program in Python. Go from Beginner to Advanced level in Python with coding exercises!
Build an Advanced Keylogger using C++ for Ethical Hacking! 195$=>>0$
7.5 Hrs
• Take this course to learn how to code a fully functional keylogger in C++ for use in Windows!
The Complete Ethical Hacking Course for 2016/2017! 195$=>>0$
15 Hours
• Gain the knowledge hackers use to compromise systems and use it to protect your own!
عرض التخفيضات من يوديمي لشهر 8
تخفيض على معظم الكورسات يصل الى 95%
لينك العرض :
العرض ينتهي يوم 10 ..
مهما حاولت انت ترضي كل الناس لن ترضي
فقط ارضي رب الناس يرضي عنك كل الناس.

24 كورس مدفوع من يوديمي مجانا ولفترة محدودة


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